Oct 21, 2011

Tips to Success in Network Marketing

network marketing Many people are searching for new career paths due to circumstances with the economy. Others are just looking for new ways to increase their income and savings. No matter the reason more and more people are reaching out and grabbing a hold of network marketing paths. These are a great way to get started in your own business.

The first thing you should be aware of is that this is not an overnight money maker. You must be willing to dedicate your time and effort to making this work as the business that it is. You are typically a representative for a company and sell their items or services. For example your insurance agents are typically representatives and it is an individual office.

Another tip is that you can use your network of friends and family to help build the connections you need. You must realize that the relationships you already have are a great starting point for your new business. You can reach others through your connections you already have that you might not other wise come in contact with. This is important and using your social networks is a great way to market yourself.

Be sure you add real content and not just a constant advertising of your business and services. Share tips or advice on the industry you are in and this helps to build confidence in your connections that you know what you are talking about. They want to have a relationship with their company and their representative and that is you.

Research your many options on network marketing and how you can be successful. This is a longer process at times than most so don't give up. Most say that it takes at least a year to make this career path truly profitable. Dedicate your time and patience and you can see your dreams and plans come to fruition.

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Oct 19, 2011

The Key To Network Marketing

network marketingThere are many people who are trying out new careers either due to necessity with the loss of jobs or just because they are ready for a change. The internet and computer systems have changed drastically the way people work and envision their careers now. Many are looking to the internet and careers in marketing and networking to help supplement or replace their income. When getting into network marketing many are trying to find the key to what makes it work. The main answer to that is relationships.

When you work in this field you will quickly begin to realize that your relationships is how you build your business. While it does start with people you know you must also build those relationships with your customers and they must trust what you are telling and selling them. Just cold calling people does not always work and you must utilize your network and the ones around you to make the right connections.

The key to success is nursing those relationships and understanding that word of mouth is still the best advertising method around. If people like what you do they are going to tell others. Likewise if they do not like how you handled a transaction that will get more word of mouth. Always try to handle every transaction with professionalism to help you build the type of connections you want to build.

Remember that you are the face of your network marketing business and building those relationships are the most important part of your business. Take time to nurture them and build them and to share tips that can help others. You are not just selling your business or your services. You are selling yourself as a representative of the business and products. Strive to keep that in your mind and you will go far with your career in marketing.

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Network Marketing and Direct Sells

network marketingMany people do not realize that when they are in direct sells companies they are also in network marketing. The two actually go hand in hand. The basics behind the marketing is that you use the networks you have set up to build a solid network for your business. There are a few ways you can help yourself to be successful at this.

First find a direct sells company that trains their representatives. You want a company that has a solid training program, not one that just throws you out there for the wolves. You want to learn how best to sell your products or services and how to introduce the product to people. This helps you to also begin to form ideas on your own. By taking the time to learn about the company you can better inform your customers in the future.

Start a social networking page for your business separate from your personal one. While you want to utilize those connections you already have you want to keep business and personal separate. Many large companies are already realizing the benefits of these social pages and have several of their own. Start your page and invite your friends and family. Run a contest for new fans or followers and reward the one who brings in the most fans. This helps you to build connections you wouldn’t have had before.

Start a blog or site that you can share knowledge about your industry with your readers. This helps to add to your business and reputation. Be sure it is not just a constant advertisement but that you actually add content to your site that is helpful for your readers. For example if you sell jewelry, you could talk about fashion and the hottest new designs. You could talk about safety in the home with candles if you are in a candle company. There are many ways to do this.

Remember to always be diligent and research your network marketing options thoroughly. You can make a great decision to run your own career and to have your own business. With a little time and hard work you can see your dreams come true.

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Oct 15, 2011

Some Ways Moms Can Earn Money From Home

Some Ways Moms Can Earn Money From HomeToday, many women choose to stay at home and raise their children while their husbands go to work. Some women would like to keep working, but it is financially better for them to stay at home since they won’t have to pay for daycare. Moms can earn an income from home by going into general transcription, writing, or customer service. In order to locate one of these work from home jobs, you will need to become a member of a work from home forum. There will be folders in each field where you can get information on how to get started.

General transcription is one of the easiest home businesses to get started into. You don’t need any formal training. The only thing you will need is a good listening ear and fast typing skills. As for equipment, you will need to purchase a foot pedal and noise cancelling headphones. Most companies will hire beginners without experience. The main thing that transcription companies look for is typing skills. A transcriptionist should type at least 80 words per minute. The faster you type, the more money you will make.

Writing is another work from home job that is easy to get into. You should have excellent English skills. There are a number of content mills that hire beginners. The application process will include writing a sample article, so that they can see if you are what they are looking for. When applying for a position as a writer, pick topics in marketing or finance. Those are two topics that content mills are looking for writers.

As a writer, you will have to learn how to research. When it comes to pay, it is up to you how much money you can make.

As a customer service representative, you should have excellent customer service skills. Depending on which company you work for, you may be required to have some sales experience. When it comes to equipment, you will need at least a landline telephone and headphones with a microphone attachment. Also, in customer service, some companies hire their workers as employees or independent contractors.

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Bank Financial Planning Explained

Bank Financial Planning In the recent times, the role of banks have changed from just mere depository of funds from individuals and business organizations, banks today have evolved to be a complete service provider for asset and investment management. Bank financial planning has become an essential task in order to satisfy the clients’ needs.

Whether the economy is running good or bad, bank financial planning remains an indispensable activity. During hardships in the economy most clients take their assets such as cars and homes to banks by taking on loans. For some they scrimp on expenses thus increasing their savings, which are managed by banks as well. Bank financial planning will provide their important advise to the clients on the best ways they can do these. When the economy is running good, savings or financial assets of clients are channeled to investments. Bank financial planners will give client the best investment options they can take with their money.

People involved in the bank financial planning unit are professionals and many of them requires a license to work as such. The basic requirement in terms education is to get as many hours and sessions on accounting, financial management and financial planning. Financial planning also requires skills on networking and negotiations especially in dealing with the market and investment players.

For those who are considering of hiring the services of a financial planner, this can be done by hiring a free-lance financial planner or by talking to the bank financial planning unit. The fee for a financial planning job is a commission on how much money was made as a result of the financial planning job. The banks own financial planner is a good choice as you are assured of the legitimacy of transactions. With the many investment scams roaming in the market today, government is strictly monitoring financial planners to make sure that everything is above board.

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What Does a Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate Mean?

Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate Having cancer is one of the most devastating things a person can hear. Having cancer is almost the equivalent of having a death sentence handed down to you. However, like most terminal diseases there are still survival rates. Cancer has various survival rates because of its stages, which are stage 0 to stage 4. Stage 4 being the last stage of cancer where the condition cannot be reversed. A stage 4 cancer survival rate chances are bleak but it’s still a glimmer of hope for those afflicted with cancer. Survival rate for cancer is classed within 5 years. For example, people with stage 4 lung cancer have a 10 percent chance to live within the next 5 years.

Stage 4 cancer survival rate varies depending on the kinds of complications and type of cancer a person has. Not to mention that your chances would improve if you’re willing to live a healthy lifestyle and undergo the proper medical procedures for your specific kind of cancer. People with pancreatic cancer, one of the most dangerous types of cancer, have a 4 percent chance to live for the next 5 years. Stomach cancer improves slightly with a 5 percent chance of living for the next 5 years. Ovarian cancer has a fairly higher chance with a 16 percent chance of surviving within the next five years. Liver cancer on the other hand has a 36 percent chance of surviving within the next five years if the proper procedures are performed. While the thought of a “stage 4 cancer survival rate” would put people at ease, it would aggravate others.

Your stage 4 cancer survival rate would only be worth it and improve if you’re willing to undergo procedures and medication to help your body against cancer. Aside from the medicine and procedure that you’re doing you should also consider changing your lifestyle to one that is geared towards your well-being.

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Oct 13, 2011

The Plug-In Profit Site Makes Sense

Easy Way To Make Money OnlineIf you're considering starting a home-based business and you want to create multiple streams of residual income no other opportunity even comes close to Plug-In Profit Site.

Plug-In Profit Site is the only system that hasn't proven for nearly 10 years to provide all of the tools for the beginner to get started and making money within days. It truly is a home business in a box. You don't need any experience or a lot of money to get started with Plug-In Profit Site.

If you can follow three easy steps Stone Evans and his staff will set up a complete money making website for you on your own website domain that is ready to start making sales and earning income for you within 24 hours.

Everyone knows that affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest way to earn hassle free income online. When you promote other people's products with affiliate marketing you don't have to worry about product creation, customer service, product delivery, returns and refunds or credit card processing. You simply make sales and collect paychecks. It really is that simple.

Plug-In Profit Site provides a system for selling five different affiliate products all at once and thereby creating multiple streams of Internet income. You definitely owe it to yourself to review this program very carefully.

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Several Ways to Make a Million Dollars

Ways To Make A Million Dollars  There are several things in life that many people covet and more often than not, not all of these things are easily or even can be achieved. This is because it can be rather hard to attain what most individuals want in their lives, which is basically money so to speak. If you ask ten persons about what would they want to have for the next twenty four hours, do not be surprised if they answer a million dollars on their bank. This notion now leads you to the question— are they ways to make a million dollars in your lifetime even when you are not born wealthy or even when you do not have a career to begin with? The answer is yes. Read on to learn more!

Knowing the ways to make a million dollars is actually an easy thing to do. It is the act and conduct behind it that makes it very difficult especially if you lack patience or if you are man with too much principle in his pocket. You must know that in order for you to become successful in this kind of endeavor, there are certain elements that you need to have so that you get those million bucks. You will understand these things as soon as you have been familiarized with the ways on how to make a million dollars.

Win the lottery, get the money from inheritance, marry a very wealthy person, or sue a rich company for damages are the top, very effective ways to make a million dollars. Seeing these options will tell you that you need to be really patient for you to attain your money because like everything else in life, nothing is instant. You must really work hard for all the things that you want to achieve. That is just the only way for you to get your goals and dreams.

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10 Saving Tips Money to Consider

Saving Tips Money The current state of economic affairs in the world today encourages a lot of spending for the economy to move forward but this has also provided practical steps to scrimp on much needed cash. Below are some of the 10 saving tips for your money.

saving tips money #1: Live a healthy lifestyle that is stop smoking, drink less alcohol and exercise. Most of the expensive things that families spend every year are on medicine and health services. With less trips to the doctor and hospital means more money to be saved.

Saving tips money #2: In case of really getting ill despite the lifestyle change, buy generics medicine to save on money. Generics drugs are exactly the same as the branded medicines.

Saving tips money #3: Prevent missing payments on bills. Of the many saving tips for money, keeping oneself organized can achieve this. Avoid the clutter of documents so that you will not miss payment schedules and deadlines. Surcharges and penalties for late payments are very expensive.

Saving tips money #4: Buy online and save from buying refurbished or pre-owned items. If you want to buy a book, a pre-owned book can be as fun as reading a brand new one.

saving tips money #5: Consider using free and open source software. As one of the savings tips for money, using free and open source software is a blessing for people who spend a lot of time online. They can easily download free software and even modify this to fit their requirements than buying very expensive propriety software.

Lastly, especially in America, staying married can be one of saving tips for your money. People may laugh but having a divorce in America is very expensive brought about by the lawyers’ fee and the alimony that have to be paid to the wife. So don’t rush to marriage unless you are pretty sure to spend the rest of your life with someone.

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Oct 12, 2011

Learning How To Make Money Online

Make Money OnlineWhen you choose an Internet business as your source of income, you will probably go through a tough time at the beginning. The truth is that while everyone talks about how easy it is to make money in this manner, it is not always that way. Truthfully, making a little bit is generally easy, but if you want to earn more money on the Internet, there are several things you will need to do. Once you learn these tricks, everything will fall into place and it will become much easier for you.

The first thing to learn if you want to earn more money is how the Internet decides which websites come up as the results of a search in the search engines. When a user inputs a set of words into the search engine, using complicated algorithms, the Internet scans the various sites for those words. If you use targeted keywords when you program your website and in the text on that site, the search engines will find your site easier and it will mean that your site will come up quicker when a user searches for similar words.

You also have to understand what residual income is and how it can benefit you. For example, if you become a multi level marketer, you will earn a commission whenever you sell a product. If you sell them a product that they will reorder in the future and you get a commission, this would be known as residual income. In other words, you worked to get the original sale, but anything beyond that is extra. To earn a higher income, residual income is very important.

One of the things that is very important for all people who work on the Internet is their marketing. You may only utilize a very small part of what is available. From articles and banner ads to social sites and blogging, you have enormous potential to get your business in front of millions of people. However, if you are not utilizing as many of them as possible, your income is going to show that.

As an individual who wants to earn more money online, it is very important to keep the above things in mind with your business. You have to be consistent and constantly strive to learn as much as you can about marketing online and your business. In the end, the whole process may be much easier than you ever thought it would be for you.

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Oct 11, 2011

How to Refer Others to Network Marketing

network marketersWhen you work as a network marketer, you do not have to just promote the products in order to make money. You can refer others to become network marketers. By referring others, you can get an additional incentive from the network marketing company. Some network marketing companies may give you a percentage for every person you refer or give you a lifetime incentive, which means every time the other person makes a sale, you will receive a percentage as well. In order to refer others, you will need to know how to go about it.

You can ask your close friends or family members if they are interested in becoming network marketers. Let them know how much money they will make since when people get involved with anything, money is the number one concern. Offer to help them to get started such as creating a Web page for them if they do not know how. If they do not want to become network marketers, they may have friends that may be interested. Make flyers and post them in store windows. Always ask the store owner before posting flyers since the she may not want too much advertising on the windows. Get some cheap construction paper and black markers to write down what you want to say.

Make sure you include your contact information and how much they can expect to make. Many people want to know how much they can honestly can make by working from home. Let them know how much it will cost to get started. Try to keep the price as low as possible since most people do not have too many funds to go around with the way the economy is.

When you post your link in forums and social networking sites, include a short message about referrals. You can include a short message that allows them to get free samples when they join. Find out what offers the network marketing company is offering for referrals when they join. Many of the times, the network marketing company may have information listed on their site for you to use to help you when you refer others.

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Inspirational Stories about the Many Ways To Make A Million Dollars

Ways To Make A Million Dollars If one is not born a millionaire, today’s economic environment is ripe for people becoming millionaires. Finding the best ways to make a million dollars coupled with the right attitude and discipline is sure ticket to becoming a millionaire in no time.

Before diving into these many ways to make a million dollars, one must have the right attitude and the most important of these is the ability to take risk and put some stake on new things. Creativity is also important as well in order to detect if an idea is worth taking the risk of pursuing.

Here are some of the inspiring stories that give us ideas on the many ways to make a million dollars. First is the story of Mark Wilson who moved from managing a call center business to setting up and running his own call center known as Ryla Teleservices.

Another story is of Cyd Szymanski who moved against the conventional way of producing eggs by doing it from cage-free hens. Sometimes a little “rebellion” from the most common can attract people to try new products. Starting a business is the proven way to become a millionaire and there are a lot of success stories about it. Only a few millionaires have said that they have become one by working for others.

Lastly there are several millionaire stories about inventing new products. One can apply as many patents as possible from several inventions and innovations. With a little bit of luck one of these patents might grab the attention of venture capitalists and the market.

There are a lot success stories about the different ways to make a million dollars that we can draw inspiration. Just surf the Internet or may do it old school, scour the nearest bookstore and look for autobiographies of known millionaires and learn from their lives.

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What is the Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate

Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate Today, there are a lot of people overlook the importance of annual medical checkups thus, resulting to advanced stages of all sorts of cancer that can be very dangerous, even terminal if you are not being too careful. That is why it is essential that you become educated about stage 4 cancer survival rate so that you will know what will happen to you when you end up being in this situation in the future. Read on to learn more about Understanding Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate .

Stage 4 cancers basically mean that the cancer has already spread all over the body and has touched other far away organs. This can be extremely detrimental to anyone’s health that is you need to do everything that you can when you find out that you are already on this stage. That is why it is very crucial that you fully grasp the gravity of the situation by knowing stage 4 cancer survival rate. In a nutshell, being in stage 4 will give you between 10 and 15% chances. Stomach cancers will only give 5% survival rate while lung cancers can give you 50% however, this will immediately drop after five years to 5% too. Colon cancers will give you only 8%, liver cancers will give you 10%, brain cancers will give you 6%, and breast cancers will give you 16%.

See how truly scary it is if you find yourself in this stage? Learning about stage 4 cancer survival rate must be your wake-up call so that you will start living your life healthier and right. Try it so that you will see how effective this is. Not only will that, leading a balanced lifestyle without any kind of vices change your whole body in a good way. You will look sexier with a skin that really glows. Good luck!

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Learning about Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate

Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate Whenever you hear the word cancer, it would not be surprising if you immediately feel extremely frightened because it is usually associated with terminal illness or death. This is because there are many individuals that have suffered as soon as they have realized that they have in fact this particular disease that does not have a cure yet in the world of science. This will leave you wondering what if you were diagnosed with some sort of cancer? And then you find out that you are already in stage 4. What do you think your chances are when it comes to surviving? Read on to learn more about stage 4 cancer survival rate.

What is Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate? Stage 4 cancer survival rate is basically the percentage whether or not you can make it or not. You see, stage 4 means that the cancer has already spread to other organs in your body making it rather worse than it already is. So if you know someone who is already in this stage, you might want to prepare yourself with the very few odds that the person has. When the cancer starts to spread, you will have less than 20% survival chance. It really depends on the type of cancer that you have. Lung cancer will give you 50% rate in stage 4 but this will drop to 10% after five years. As for brain cancer, it can give you 19%. Colon cancer will give you 15%. Stomach cancer will give you 5% while the rest will give you between 10% and 15%.

These are the things that you need to know about stage 4 cancer survival rate. Make sure that you have an annual complete medical checkup to know if you are sick or not. This is the only way that you can determine if you have cancer or not.

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Oct 9, 2011

Things To Think About When Choosing A Network Marketing Company

Network marketingNetwork marketing opportunities are constantly popular. Here are some things to help you choose a network company that supports your own vision for future success:

-What’s the overall health of the company? Before settling on your network marketing choice, make sure that they are firmly established and prepared for long-term prosperity. Do they have enough capital to accomplish continued success, and do the people who are currently involved with the company seem satisfied? If not, it’s a good idea to look elsewhere.

-How long has the company been around?: Find out how long the company has been in business. Statistics show that the majority of network marketing companies fail within their first two years of operation. So, to be on the safe side, pick a company that has been established for no less than five years. After all, remember that your future is at stake, and it could be devastating to you to find out that the company is going under soon after you become their partner.

-What does the company sell?: Since network marketing is centered around not only making sales yourself, but also encouraging people you know to join as a recruit, it’s essential that the network marketing company you choose sells something that you really care about and can stand behind with confidence. Is there a real need for the products? If so, it will make it a lot easier for you to convince others of the worth of the items. Your task will be made even easier if the products are unique, because you won’t have to fight against a lot of competing companies selling similar things.

-When can you start making money?: This last one is probably one of the most important for many people. Although network marketing companies usually don’t require a lot by way of start-up costs, it’s still a good idea to ask when you can expect to see your first bit of cashflow. There’s no use in struggling for months on end and never see the fruits of your labor. Lean towards picking a company that can provide reasonably confident assurances that income will be generated quickly.

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Oct 4, 2011

Network Marketing Tips For Beginners

Network marketingWhen it comes to network marketing, your success is usually related to the amount of effort that you put in. So, if you’re motivated, you’ll usually reap rewards, even if it takes a while to become established. Here are some other ideas for helping you make the most of a network marketing opportunity.

-Have a positive mental attitude: When you show that you’re enthusiastic about network marketing, you’ll have an easier time attracting friends and family members to join in the experience with you, ultimately providing you with profits. Remember that you’re not likely to see instant success, but if you’re willing to work hard and stay dedicated, success should come sooner rather than later.

-Grow your knowledge constantly: Sometimes, after becoming successful in network marketing, people tend to fall into the trap of thinking they know enough and don’t need to make an active effort to keep learning. This can be a costly mistake, though. When you’re constantly learning, you’re putting yourself at a huge advantage over your competitors, and you’re also giving yourself the tools that you need to keep earning income, even during the slow periods of your network marketing business.

-Be flexible: It’s inevitable that you’ll have instances where you’re having to manage a slow week, or even a slow month in your network marketing business. But, in order to find new recruits, it’s important to think creatively and not let yourself sink into the idea that there’s only one good way to go about doing things. Embrace your creative spirit! Although it’s a good idea to have a set working schedule, you don’t necessarily have to work the same stretch of hours every day. You might find it preferable to work 20 hours a week, for example, at any time of day that’s most convenient.

These are just a few tips to get you off to a good start in your networking business. Don’t be afraid to pass on tips that you learn to others, and also consider the advice that you receive.

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Oct 3, 2011

Saving Tips Money – How To Save Effectively

Saving money should be the first and foremost discipline for everybody. Whether we save up to become rich or we simply save to make ends meet in this very tough and complex world we live in, the bottom line is we need to save. Here are some saving tips money.

The easiest way to save is to aim in getting free stuff. One can do this by joining in a rewards program by which you will be given free things in exchange of your loyalty. Choose rewards programs for the expenses that you need to do in a regular basis. For example a rewards program with a supermarket you usually buy your groceries or if you are a frequent flyer apply for a flight miles accumulation program.

Another one of the many saving tips money is to discard unwanted items in your home by doing a garage sale. Instead of keeping these things and occupying space in the house might as well sell them and the money from the sales be invested for the future. A simple saving tip also is to limit the times of dining out and instead eat home-cooked food at home. Not only one saves money from eating at home but one can also get assurance of the quality of the food he is taking.

A sure way that has always worked among the many savings tips for personal money is to give up vices such as gambling, smoking and drinking beyond being social drinking. You can get shocked at how much money you can save by giving up these vices. One can also opt to buy generic brands for their medicines to save cash. A very practical saving tips money is not to bring your money and credit card when going to the mall to discourage you from buying at impulse.

There are plenty of ways of finding out these saving tips money and mainly you can find several tips by just surfing the Internet.

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Oct 2, 2011

Different Ways To Make A Million Dollars

Becoming a millionaire is not that difficult if one invest in time and effort to do it. No matter what is the current state of your financial resources, there are many ways to make a million dollars.
The most important first step in making your million dollars is learning to value your money no matter how small it is. Successful millionaires place great importance to their money even to the last penny. So do not overspend and rethink your priorities and save as much as possible.

One of the ways to make a million dollars is to invest in the stock market. If you are a first timer in this game read online resources in learning the ropes of working in the stock market business.

If the stock market is too much for you and you have a knack of online publication, you can setup a blog and earn plenty out of online advertising. For advertisers to work with your blog you need to have plenty of followers and readers so think of interesting topics and theme of your blog articles.

Third of the 5 ways to make a million dollars is to invest in real estate. You can buy and sell real estate companies. Look for a bank that will lend you money with minimal money involved, buy a cheap property then make renovations before renting it out or selling it for a higher price.

Another thing you can do is to setup and manage your own business. The chance of becoming a millionaire is very slim you remain to be an employee. Be your own boss and start your own business.

Lastly, motivate and inspire yourself by reading and learning from successful millionaires. Their life stories will reveal to you the other different ways to make a million dollars.

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Oct 1, 2011

The Home Based Business

In tough economic times, or after loosing a job, many people who always wanted to start their own business actually get the nerve to do it. With all the opportunities for home based businesses available, many find good success and continue to develop from one level of success to the next. They may never go back to working for the boss because being the boss is proven to be much better.

Deciding on which kind of business to get into is the starting point. To be successful, it is imperative to work in a field that of personal interest. If health is an important aspect of ones life, get into nutritional foods and vitamins. There are many companies that offer complete lines of personal home care products of very high quality. The success of their sales force depends on the quality of product.

Setting up a room in the house to develop the business is the first step in logistics. Having space for a desk to make and receive calls, a storage shelf for product, and a computer would be in order. Organizing paperwork and business records are normal operations of the every day business that should be handled with care. Checking into the regulations of business in each state is important as well as talking to a lawyer or tax accountant. Getting a sales tax certificate is required and the option of opening a checking account for a business or keeping it in the personal account is to be considered.

The business may start out using a personal account and develop the need for a business account later on. Meeting and greeting customers is really what a business is all about. Making the sales to individuals or business owners with a heart of service will open doors for the quality product being sold. Keeping customers happy with the product and service after the sale will bring them back time and time again. Building a list of satisfied clients is an aspect of business that will allow for the expansion of the business and hiring of help. Many multi-level marketing companies have developed levels of the sales force where the business is part selling product and part selling others on the idea to sell the product. Adding goods and services to the community is what a home based business is all about.

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