Oct 11, 2011

Learning about Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate

Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate Whenever you hear the word cancer, it would not be surprising if you immediately feel extremely frightened because it is usually associated with terminal illness or death. This is because there are many individuals that have suffered as soon as they have realized that they have in fact this particular disease that does not have a cure yet in the world of science. This will leave you wondering what if you were diagnosed with some sort of cancer? And then you find out that you are already in stage 4. What do you think your chances are when it comes to surviving? Read on to learn more about stage 4 cancer survival rate.

What is Stage 4 Cancer Survival Rate? Stage 4 cancer survival rate is basically the percentage whether or not you can make it or not. You see, stage 4 means that the cancer has already spread to other organs in your body making it rather worse than it already is. So if you know someone who is already in this stage, you might want to prepare yourself with the very few odds that the person has. When the cancer starts to spread, you will have less than 20% survival chance. It really depends on the type of cancer that you have. Lung cancer will give you 50% rate in stage 4 but this will drop to 10% after five years. As for brain cancer, it can give you 19%. Colon cancer will give you 15%. Stomach cancer will give you 5% while the rest will give you between 10% and 15%.

These are the things that you need to know about stage 4 cancer survival rate. Make sure that you have an annual complete medical checkup to know if you are sick or not. This is the only way that you can determine if you have cancer or not.

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